Individual Case Assistance “Support “
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The Project

The project Support offers anti- and non-psychiatric oriented individual case help for (younger as well as older) adults in all districts of Berlin. The offer is especially aimed at people affected by psychiatry and people threatened by psychiatric admission. Support wants to offer a supportive framework through individual case assistance at home, through which an involuntary admission to a psychiatric institution or to a nursing or old people’s home does not become necessary.

Conceptual background

People affected by psychiatry or threatened by psychiatric admission often look for adequate help outside the social-psychiatric framework. An anti- and non-psychiatric individual case support offers support that is individually agreed upon with the person seeking help. Project Support does not work with the psychiatric concept of illness. The basis of the support provided by the individual case workers is the establishment of a trusting and open relationship. This also includes a transparent flow of information concerning their person, which is controlled by the help seekers.

The offer

Support offers practical assistance with a wide range of problems and wishes:

  • Conflict resolution, crisis support and crisis prevention; strategy development for dealing with crazy crises and coming to terms with previous crises
  • Preservation and design of one’s own living space
  • Securing existential basics (clarification of financial and legal situation)
  • Authority matters
  • Establishing and maintaining social contacts (family, friends, neighbors, colleagues) to prevent isolation
  • Searching for and maintaining education and jobs
  • Clarification and mediation in health matters (e.g. therapy requests, doctor visits, care)
  • Self-determined use or discontinuation of psychotropic drugs during outpatient medical treatment
  • Leisure activities, hobbies, interests

The team

The employees are qualified individual case workers. They work together in a team consisting of psychiatrists and non-psychiatrists. Regular self-reflection is ensured through team meetings and supervision. In case of difficulties with the individual case help, the person receiving help can call on the team for advice and clarification. Substitutions in case of illness and vacation are possible.


The financing of the individual case assistance is applied for according to the requirements of §§ 53, 54 SGB XII.

Flyer (PDF, 723kB)
Concept (PDF, 113kB)

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