Press articles about the Berlin Weglaufhaus

Being in Crisis Together (PDF)
Zine article from 09/2020

Overcoming Crises: How LGBTI* deal with mental suffering (PDF)
Siegessäule article from 09/2019

“What do you need right now?” Interview with Run Away House (PDF)
Blog post on girl’s team, December 10, 2018

Escape into reality (PDF)
Article in Junge Welt, November 28, 2018

Weglaufhaus struggles to survive (PDF)
Article in Neues Deutschland, April 8, 2018

Cray Utopia & the dream it should be (PDF)
Blog post on Mad in America, April 2, 2013

Permission to go crazy (PDF)
Article in the Süddeutsche Zeitung, November 5, 2012

At Eye Level (PDF)
Article in the Berlin homeless magazine “strassen|feger” January 2008.

On the run from psychiatry (PDF)
Article in “Der Sonntag,” Nov. 17-18, 2007.

Escape into life (PDF)
Article by Günter Baumgart in the “Sächsische Zeitung”, Jan. 4, 2007.

Unleashing Art. In the laboratory of the new antipsychiatry (PDF)
Article by Gabriele Goettle in the “tageszeitung” of 25.4.2005.

Ingeborg Drewitz Prize for the “Villa Stöckle” Weglaufhaus /Self-help as a profession? (PDF)
Article by Eberhard Knappe and Thomas Lemmer respectively in the “strassen|feger” of January 2005.

Breaking out of the cheese bell (PDF)
Article in the “tageszeitung” from 22.08.2003.

“Only in the ‘Weglaufhaus’ did I find new courage to face life” (PDF)
Article in “Echo der Frau” of 10/2002.

A little crazy does not mean sick (PDF)
Article by Burkhard Schmidt in the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” of 11.5.2002.

Hope for a life without pills (PDF)
Article in the “Brigitte” from 10.02.2002.

Finally the soul is stroked (PDF)
Article in the “tageszeitung” from 03.01.2001.

Crazy normal (PDF)
Article by Stefanie Dörre in “tip”, January 2001.

Help in a Weglaufhaus without psychotropic drugs? (PDF)
Article in “Junge Welt” from 29.12.2000.

Springtime in Frohnau (PDF)
Article by Johanna in “Der Bunte Spleen”, December 1999.

Sometimes I have the sun in me (PDF)
Article in the “Berliner Zeitung” from 23./24.10.1999.

Escape to the villa (PDF)
Article in the “scheinschlag” from 05/1999.

In the “Weglaufhaus” sick people are not sedated (PDF)
Article in the “Berliner Zeitung” from 02/23/1999.

Escape to the villa (PDF)
Article in the “Jungle World” from 06/01/1999.

Antipsychiatric project fears financial hole (PDF)
Article in the “tageszeitung” from 27.11.1998.

Refuge in the Villa Stöckle (PDF)
Article in “inter-esse”: 1/ jan 98.

One year Weglaufhaus “Villa Stöckle” (PDF)
Article in “Forum Sozialpolitik” 10/1997.

The first “Weglaufhaus” in Berlin offers psychiatric “refugees” a supervised temporary living space (PDF)
Article in “Das Magazin” 03/1997.

One year of Weglaufhaus (PDF)
Press release from 02/24/1997.

The Weglaufhaus (PDF)
Article in “Freitag” from 02/1997.

A house for being crazy (PDF)
Article in the “tageszeitung” of 24/25/26/1996.

Crazy on the street (PDF)
Article in “Junge Welt” from 30/31.10.1996.

Refuge in a Weglaufhaus (PDF)
Article in the “Berliner Kurier” of 24.9.1996.

Emergency exit from psychiatry (PDF)
Article in the “tageszeitung” of 30/31.03.1996.

The “Weglaufhaus” offers acceptance instead of therapy (PDF)
Article in the “Neues Deutschland” of 31.01.1996.

“Villa Stöckle”: Where psychiatric patients find a home (PDF)
Article in the “Berliner Morgenpost” from 23.01.1996.

Frohnau villa offers a place of refuge (PDF)
Article in the “Berliner Zeitung” from 30/31.12.1995.

Hostel for people in emotional distress (PDF)
Article in “Der Tagesspiegel” from 29.12.1995.

The Weglaufhaus opened (PDF)
Press release from 27.12.1995.

Readers’ letters #2 (PDF)
Discussion in the “NordBerliner” before the opening of the Weglaufhaus “Villa Stöckle”.

Letters from readers #1 (PDF)
Discussion in “NordBerliner” before the opening of the “Villa Stöckle” Weglaufhaus.

Readers’ letters #3 (PDF)
Discussion in the “NordBerliner” before the opening of the Weglaufhaus “Villa Stöckle”.

Readers’ letters #4 (PDF)
Discussion in the “NordBerliner” before the opening of the “Villa Stöckle” Weglaufhaus.

The Berlin Weglaufhaus (PDF)
Article in the magazine “Dr. med. Mabuse” from 06/1992.

Goal: Protection from psychiatric coercion (PDF)
Article in the “Neues Deutschland” from 07/17/1991.

To err is human! (PDF)
Article in the “Netzwerk Selbsthilfe” from 06/1991.

Sensational donation of 1 million DM for the “Weglaufhaus” (PDF)
Press release from 08/30/1989.

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