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Janitor for self-administered & anti-psychiatric crisis facility Weglaufhaus “Villa Stöckle” wanted.

The Weglaufhaus “Villa Stöckle” is a crisis facility that has been in existence for more than 20 years and has emerged from political struggles. Up to 13 residents live in our house. We support the residents based on their wishes and our anti-psychiatric concept. Since 1996, the Berlin Weglaufhaus has been offering relief from homelessness and support in acute psychosocial emergencies as part of the service type crisis facility – a special Berlin service type – according to § 67 SGB XII. Up to 13 people are accompanied around the clock by qualified social workers and student employees. A single-family house with a garden in the north of Berlin, which has been converted for this purpose and has good transport links, offers accommodation in single and double rooms and large communal rooms, as well as a loft reserved exclusively for FLINTA*. A workshop is also available.

With its anti-psychiatric approach, it is the only one of its kind in Germany so far. The intensive crisis support in the “Villa Stöckle” Weglaufhaus sees itself as an alternative to psychiatry, which is characterized by cooperation with as little hierarchy as possible and the anti-psychiatric position. This includes the rejection of psychiatric diagnoses and the underlying concept of illness. The Weglaufhaus “Villa Stöckle” is a facility for people who want to break out of the circle of homelessness and psychiatry. With the support of the staff, who are present around the clock, it is possible to develop individual resources, to practice everyday life again and to develop realistic perspectives. In this work, it is necessary to react sensitively to the specific fears of the residents in contact with, for example, medical authorities, authorities, etc., taking into account their respective stressful previous experiences, which they had to make in psychiatry, among other things. The multiple stresses to which the residents of the “Villa Stöckle” Weglaufhaus were and are exposed require empathetic, solution-oriented work

As a janitor you have regular contact with the residents of our facility. It is important to take their needs into account in all the work that has to be done in the house. Residents are also always interested in participating in the janitor’s tasks. We are looking for openness combined with a respectful attitude towards people as well as the willingness to support the crisis management of the residents within the scope of your tasks

Within a multi-professional team you will have the following tasks as a janitor:

  • Maintenance of the house
  • Repairs of sanitary facilities and household appliances
  • Procurement and repairs of furniture
  • Garden maintenance
  • Bicycle maintenance
  • Luggage storage
  • Participation in the working group for internal affairs
  • repairs of any kind
  • monthly participation in the general meeting of staff and residents

We are looking for a caretaker* with immediate effect for a job of approx. 28h/month (approx. 6h per week). Employer*s gross 450 Euro. The type of employment can be arranged with us. Employer’s gross per hour is 16 Euro. At the moment there is already one person working as a janitor with whom you will share the tasks.

We work in an affected-controlled manner and are therefore very pleased to receive applications from persons affected by psychiatry. In addition, we are especially happy to receive applicants who define themselves as FLINTA* and_or BIPoC.

You are also welcome to inform yourself about our facility and our work on our homepage:

We would be pleased if you send us your application (letter of motivation, CV without photo). Please send an email to or call
(030) 40632146 if you have any questions.

Social worker for self-administered & anti-psychiatric crisis facility wanted.

The Weglaufhaus “Villa Stöckle” is a crisis facility that has existed for more than 20 years and emerged from political struggles. Up to 13 residents* live in our house. We support the residents based on their wishes and our anti-psychiatric concept.

We are looking for a state-approved social worker for shift work for 30 hours per week [3 – 4 working days per week].

We expect: a critical attitude towards psychiatry // meeting residents* at eye level // willingness to work in self-managed structures.

We offer: A passionate and humorous team // Self-determined working conditions & design possibilities // Various work areas.

Psychiatry residents*) Social workers* will be given preference when applying.

Advertisement internship position

Ongoing internships are offered at the “Villa Stöckle” Weglaufhaus. An internship lasts at least three months, with 20 to 30 hours per week, or full time by arrangement. We have the recognition to instruct prospective social workers (also administrative internship), curative teachers and curative education nurses. We would like to explicitly invite psychiatric*) interns to apply to us.

Applications [without photo]
please send your application by email to info (at) or by mail to:

Weglaufhaus “Villa Stöckle”
Association for Protection from Psychiatric Violence
P.O. Box 280 427D, 13444 Berlin, Germany

*) “Psychiatrically affected” means for us in this context to have been a patient in a psychiatric hospital ward.

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