Unfortunately, the printed documentation on the events is no longer available.

Here you can download the pdf-file of the documentation (3 MB) and an article by Jasna Russo (pdf-file, 1 MB), the coordinator of the series of events, from the journal “Soziale Psychiatrie” (issue 2/2012) describing this documentation

International Conference on 2nd and 3rd September, 2011in Berlin:

Searching for a Rose Garden. Fostering Real Alternatives to Psychiatry

This conference was the highlight of the event series ”Survivor Control: The Rights and Self-help Opportunities of People with Psychiatric Experience” organized by the Berlin Association for Protection against Psychiatric Violence this year.

Searching for a Rose Garden introduced and explored alternatives to psychiatry that build upon survivors’ knowledge. These are approaches developed in close collaboration with people who have direct experience of extreme crisis and receiving psychiatric treatment. They are based on survivors’ own understandings of madness and distress.

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Symposium (only for people with psychiatric experience) on September 1, 2011 in Berlin:

On our own behalf

This day was prefixed to the international conference Searching for a Rose Garden: Implementing Real Alternatives to Psychiatry in order to offer opportunities for exchange among people affected by psychiatry. We discussed together and among ourselves how our experiences and knowledge can be used to develop a better way of dealing with madness and crises as well as a different understanding of help.

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