Affected person control

Joint brochure by Weglaufhaus “Villa Stöckle”, Tauwetter and Wildwasser

Subject: Professionalism
The aim of this brochure is to take a position in the debate about quality standards on the one hand and user participation on the other hand from the perspective of those affected. We think that it is time to draw conclusions from the many years of experience of our three projects, among other things for politics. Therefore, we would like to make our practice public and thus

  • make clear the value of stakeholder-controlled projects,
  • stimulate further discussion about this kind of work,
  • Give impulses for the further development of social work and
  • counteract common social exclusion mechanisms.

We want to encourage those professionals who are themselves affected to stand by their story and to consciously incorporate it into their work. And, of course, we also want to give suggestions to all people affected by violence. A PDF version of the brochure is available for download (german).

Diploma thesis on the topic of affectedness

Betroffenheit as an impulse for the further development of social work
An analysis using the example of selected Berlin projects
Ramona Schnekenburger and Regina Nicolai
Diploma thesis at the University of Applied Sciences for Social Work and Social Pedagogy, Berlin, 2006;
Download (PDF, 1,1MB)(german)

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