Advice center

Antipsychiatric and affected-controlled information and counseling center

The counseling center is located at Kreutzigerstraße 18 in 10247
Berlin-Friedrichshain and is open every Friday.
Phone: +49 (30) 97 89 44 36

The project

With this project we would like to be a contact on an anti- and non-psychiatric level for all those who are looking for an offer beyond the social-psychiatric framework in order to help avoid unwanted admissions to a psychiatric institution or to a nursing or old people’s home and to look for offers of help together with those affected in order to break the cycle of psychiatrization.

Participation in this service is free of charge; after all, most people affected by psychiatry are not high earners. This low-threshold, affected-controlled, psychiatry-independent counseling offer is intended to help create lobby structures that counteract isolation.

You are looking…

  • for alternative ways.
  • a life without psychotropic drugs
  • a future perspective without paternalism
  • Support in crisis situations or life situations that seem hopeless to you.
  • a place of refuge when no one wants to listen to you anymore.

Then you are right with us!

Just drop by, have a cup of coffee or tea, discover new possibilities for shaping your life in an informal conversation, and consider what kind of help would be useful and tangible in realizing them.

We are

a team of volunteers who, in addition to practical experience in the field of activity, have for the most part had their own experiences with craziness, psychiatry and other difficult crisis situations, and have overcome and reflected on them or have been affected by the crises of others. Therefore we do not work with the psychiatric concept of illness. The basis of our support is the establishment of a trusting and open relationship with a flow of information that is also transparent for those receiving help.

Where and when?

Every Friday:
Verein zum Schutz vor psychiatrischer Gewalt
Kreutzigerstraße 18
10247 Berlin-Friedrichshain
Tel.: 030 / 97 89 44 36

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